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About My Lessons

My Teaching Philosophy

I have over 20 years of music teaching experience, regularly working with one-to-one pupils, small groups, and full class instrumental teaching. 

I know that every pupil is different, and carefully tailor my teaching plans and strategies to allow everyone to reach their full musical potential. 

I make sure that my teaching knowledge is up to date with regular courses and training. I benefit both from local council music service training and support, and also I seek out professional development opportunities privately. 

I am fully DBS checked and this is renewed every three years. I am always up to date with the latest child protection and safeguarding procedures.

My Lessons

I teach piano, flute, recorder, saxophone and clarinet. My pupils are also carefully taught music theory within every instrumental lesson. 

The default lesson duration for beginners is 30 minutes, longer lessons may be available by negotiation. Once the pupil reaches a certain level, longer lessons will be beneficial. 

Pupils will receive at least 36 lessons per year as standard during the school term times only.  Additional lessons *may* be arranged during school holidays by negotiation at my standard lesson rate.


I regularly enter pupils for exams if that is what the pupil / parents want but I am just as happy to teach people to play for fun.

If we feel exams are the way to go, I will choose an appropriate exam board to match the best needs of the pupils. I have entered successful candidates with the 3 main (classical) exam boards:

– Trinity